Wrong Roads

One of my favorites right now. It’s great that these mormon messages are so accessible for us. At a touch of a button, we can have these inspirational videos. “I told you it’d be okay. I told you it’d be alright.”


Yesterday my family and I gathered at a church meeting house to watch the LDS Provo City Center temple dedication. It was incredible to be in a room with so many people that share the same beliefs as me. It also amazed me how this dedication was broadcasted throughout all of Utah to thousands of […]

Mountains to Climb

Media can inspire, uplift, and strengthen us during times of trial in our lives. My friend just showed me this mormon message, and it brought me to tears. The Lord loves us. It’s incredible the lessons we can learn and the tender mercies we can be reminded of through little videos on the internet. This […]

Home Grown

Trent Harmon is from my little, tiny, southern hometown (7,000 people total). He’s made it to the top 8 of the farewell season of American Idol. If you haven’t chosen a contestant to root for, check him out. He’s as great of a person as he is a musical artist.

Warm Bodies

I watched Warm Bodies for part of my 2 hours of coding, and I  loved it. I hadn’t fully seen it all until now but was really excited to finally catch the hype. Zombies are pretty popular  these days. Although occasionally annoying, they seem to be the hit of practically everything. I was expecting Warm […]

Just a Kid from Somewhere

Two years ago, my husband let me pick a random player to be on his “fantasy football” team. Naturally, being the stereotypical woman I am, I chose a player according to his attractiveness rather than his skill level. Having the strange taste in men that I do, I chose Jimmy Graham. I took interest in […]