Boycotting Facebook

My husband is one of those people who never really understands the appeal of social media. He resents taking pictures, journaling, or anything that has to do with sharing personal information to the public eye. Yes, I understand where he’s coming from. He loves his privacy and genuinely feels absolutely no need to know what anyone […]

Scream Queens

So, this weekend I was under the weather. I completed all homework and then reverted to the next best thing for a sickie to do, television. I went onto and looked for a potential show to watch a few episodes of in bed. After a few seconds of scrolling, I found “Scream Queens.” It […]

Disney Princesses

Today, my husband and I saw a few clips of a Disney Princess movie on the television. Let me make it very clear that I have always adored Disney Princesses. It was imbedded within me as a small child that the Disney fairy tales were to be admired. I still have a strong love for […]