Disney Princesses

Today, my husband and I saw a few clips of a Disney Princess movie on the television. Let me make it very clear that I have always adored Disney Princesses. It was imbedded within me as a small child that the Disney fairy tales were to be admired. I still have a strong love for Disney and it’s characters and hope to be able to share that love with my daughters some day. My husband on the other hand, could honestly care less about Disney as a whole. He does however strongly disagree with allowing small girls to watch Disney Princess Fairy Tales. He believes that these films portray an unrealistic life to young girls, giving them impractical expectations for their lives to come. He also dislikes how they give young children unrealistic expectations for physical appearance. After watching a few scenes on the television, I could definitely see how he could come to those conclusions. I still disagree with his strong detest for Disney Princesses, but I can understand how it could possibly cause issues for young women within their developmental processes. I believe that as parents, we must make sure our children understand that these movies are pretend and made only “for fun.” 980x

One thought on “Disney Princesses

  1. I really like this. I think growing up with Disney Princess and having this ideal view about them can blind us from seeing how they could potentially be harmful. We definitely do have to teach our children the difference between pretend and fantasy versus real life.


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