Warm Bodies

I watched Warm Bodies for part of my 2 hours of coding, and I ┬áloved it. I hadn’t fully seen it all until now but was really excited to finally catch the hype. Zombies are pretty popular ┬áthese days. Although occasionally annoying, they seem to be the hit of practically everything. I was expecting Warm […]

Just a Kid from Somewhere

Two years ago, my husband let me pick a random player to be on his “fantasy football” team. Naturally, being the stereotypical woman I am, I chose a player according to his attractiveness rather than his skill level. Having the strange taste in men that I do, I chose Jimmy Graham. I took interest in […]

Pinning Princess

Pintrest is my guilty pleasure, and I’m alright with admitting that. I’m an art enthusiast and love any/all forms of creativity. It’s really neat that there is a way for individuals around the world to share creative ideas and “life hacks” with one another. I’ve come to realize that it’s one of the most effective […]

Jenny Lawson

Over Christmas break, my husband and I traveled back to Mississippi with my side of the family. Before our plane took off, I went to the bookstore to look for a good read. We didn’t have much time, so I made an impulsive choice and picked a book according to how interesting the cover looked […]

Phone Free FHE

We struggle having FHE every Monday. Not because I don’t love another excuse to hangout with my husband, but because we get so busy that we honestly forget about it. On the nights that we do remember FHE, we always end up having fun. During our time together tonight, my husband’s phone kept buzzing with […]